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The Parent Information Program is a free self-guided online program made up of three parts: a one-hour parent information video, a 20-minute family law information video plus a 20-30 minute multiple choice quiz.

  • Understand what they are going through, both legally and emotionally; and
  • Help them cope with and adjust to separation so that they can help their children adjust.
  • How easily children get caught in the middle of the parents’ conflict and how to keep this from happening;
  • Effective communication;
  • Dispute resolution;
  • Types of parenting, and
  • Ages & stages of child development

  • Where to start and the importance of making parenting plan arrangements;
  • Impacts of separation and divorce on children;
  • Resources for those concerned for their safety;
  • Types of parenting orders;
  • Child support guidelines, and
  • Options for negotiations and establishing agreements and court orders

Click here to go to the Family Law NB website to participate in the online program